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The Dream Bigger Podcast

Nov 23, 2021

On today’s episode, I’m excited to welcome digital creative and the “Queen of Confidence”, Serena Kerrigan. At the height of the pandemic, Serena started the first-ever instagram live reality dating show, “Let’s Fucking Date”, that followed Serena’s virtual blind dates with potential suitors. The live shows became a hit and quickly blew up to become a must-watch series. Along with this, Serena launched her iconic card game, Let’s Fucking Fuck, and has recently released a new card game, Let’s Fucking Play. Serena has built an iconic brand based on women empowerment and shares the story behind her creative alter-ego ‘SFK’, how her instagram live shows became a highly anticipated must-watch series, creating the sex card game everyone's talking about, how to break creative blocks to stay innovative and more.


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