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The Dream Bigger Podcast

Dec 3, 2018

On today’s episode, I’m so excited to be chatting with “The Body Whisperer”, Lauren Roxburgh. Lauren is an Alignment Expert and Foam Rolling Specialist, who’s the go-to for Hollywood celebrities and athletes alike. She’s also the author of Taller, Slimmer Younger, a book which helps women speed up their metabolism, gain a few inches of height and feel great from the inside out. She’s been featured on Goop, Vogue, and named one of the “Hottest Trainers in America” by Shape magazine, so believe me when I say she really knows what she’s doing.

Lauren and I do a deep dive into the world of structural integration. We chat about the fascia, how to strengthen the pelvic floor, the lymph system, wellness from the inside and out, and so much more. Lauren was so inspirational because she turned pain into purpose, and is helping so many women feel like their best selves. You guys are going to learn so much about holistic wellness from her, and I can’t wait!


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Products Mentioned

Taller, Slimmer Younger by Lauren Roxburgh

Bringing Sexy Back Rebounding by Lauren Roxburgh