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The Dream Bigger Podcast

Dec 17, 2018

On today’s episode, I’m chatting with Caleigh Rykiss, entrepreneur, former pro boxer, and the founder of BoLo Inc. about all things fitness and entrepreneurship. Caleigh founded BoLo when she saw a gap in the fitness space and wanted to create an all-encompassing space where women could work out, get their hair done, and do their work or catch up with friends over healthy food. Her approach to health and fitness is very balanced and she’s a big proponent of loving your body and finding activities which bring you joy.

Caleigh and I talk about fitness for beginners, long-term changes vs. quick fixes, positive self-talk, body love, heavy lifting for women, navigating holiday parties, a balanced approach to food, and so much more.


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Product Mentioned:

Suzie’s Good Fat Bars