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The Dream Bigger Podcast

Mar 4, 2019

Today I’m chatting with Laura Davidson about all things fitness. Laura is a fitness influencer, the founder of the ‘My Sweat Story’ blog and the creator of the SweatCity App. Laura is a serious hustler, she had a successful career working for Kevin O’Leary (you may know him from Shark Tank), before going full-time with her career in health and fitness. Oh and the app she launched? She taught herself how to code to build it out in the beginning stages.

She’s a living blueprint on how to create healthy lifestyle changes. On today’s episode we talk about her story - how and why she got into fitness, what it’s like starting an app from scratch and what it takes to make your place in the industry. She goes over what motivates her and what strategies she used to hold herself accountable. We also talk fitness achievements, nutritional tips, sustainable lifestyle changes and so much more.

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