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The Dream Bigger Podcast

Apr 1, 2019

This week I'm chatting with Jayme Cyk, former Beauty Director of Violet Grey, and currently a contributing editor and founding member. Jayme left her role as Beauty Director at Violet Grey shortly after our conversation to start her consulting agency, Cannonball Theory, and she was full of all kinds of beauty insider secrets.

Violet Grey is the ‘insider beauty edit’. Basically, they’re an editorial meets e-commerce website with a pretty serious vetting process for all products. They work with industry experts like celebrity makeup artists, dermatologists and editors to find the best of the best. The role of Beauty Director at Violet Grey is basically that of an editor, focusing on educating their audience, and creating gorgeous content.

Today’s episode is all about skincare and beauty. We cover everything from what it takes to have a successful career in beauty to insider secrets. We go over a ton of buzzy things like CBD products, Korean Beauty Brands, and clean beauty. We also get into the best products for different price points, tips from beauty industry experts and so much more. This episode is an absolute must-listen for anyone who’s into skincare and beauty.

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