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The Dream Bigger Podcast

Apr 22, 2019

On today's episode I'm chatting with Dr. Natalie Mulligan. Dr. Natalie is a naturopathic doctor and eating disorder specialist. We previously spoke on episode #16 about all things alternative medicine related, including natural healing modalities, supplements, how to get off birth control and so much more.

Since Dr. Natalie is an eating disorder specialist, on today’s episode, we decided to do a deep dive into the topic. We go over what is considered an eating disorder, common misconceptions around it, and the impact of personality types. We also talk about how to spot an eating disorder and approach someone who you think might have one, the impact that eating disorders have on hormones, a healthy approach to weight loss, and so much more. Eating disorders tend to have a lot of stigma around them, and this conversation is educational and you will most certainly learn a lot.

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