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The Dream Bigger Podcast

Mar 10, 2020

On today’s episode, I’m chatting with Alisa Vitti, hormone expert, female biohacker, Founder of Flo Living and author of bestselling book Woman Code. After biohacking her way out of PCOS, Alisa has become one of the leaders in the realm of female hormones, educating women about their bodies. Her book, Woman Code, served the sex ed class that most people didn’t get, and helps women troubleshoot their hormonal problems, from fibroids, to PCOS, to missing periods to PMS. Recently Alisa just released a new book, In The Flo, which is an actionable guide for women to optimize their hormones, and get more done with less stress. The book covers everything from how to eat, exercise, work, and optimize our sex life during each of the 4 menstrual cycle, and introduces a revolutionary concept called the Infradian Rhythm.

This episode discusses how to optimize the female body, a 101 on the different menstrual stages, the Infradian Rhythm, how to stabilize blood sugar, the effect of caffeine on women, intermittent fasting, why you may feel more energetic at certain periods over others, making the most of your sex life, and so much more. This episode will be an eye-opener for most women, and is an absolute must-listen.

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