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The Dream Bigger Podcast

Oct 7, 2019

On today's episode I'm chatting with Amber Joliat. Amber is a dancer, yogi, and the founder of cult-favourite workout hotspot, Misfitstudio, which has been featured on Vogue, Goop, The Coveteur and more. Misfit is an unconventional movement studio that mixes techniques from dance, yoga and Pilates, making it a completely different experience from any other place. Amber’s entrepreneurial journey is both serendipitous and an example of how to turn a challenge into a personal victory. She went from teaching at 11different studios to starting her own, and within just months, being heralded one of Toronto’s best yoga studios by a major publication.

During our chat, we discuss everything from Amber’s beginnings to challenges she’s had to overcome, to tips she has for people looking to open their own spaces. Amber also discusses her wellness tips, such as breathing exercises and how to get into movement if you’ve never really worked out.

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