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The Dream Bigger Podcast

Dec 21, 2019

Today I’m chatting with Camilla De Cesare, Account Manager at rewardStyle. RewardStyle is the first and largest invitation-only, end-to-end content monetisation platform, empowering 50,000 of the world’s premium digital-style influencers to achieve maximum economic success for their online content., rewardStyle’s consumer-facing, ready-to-shop content platform, which allows users to shop real looks from influencers, tastemakers, stylists and celebrities across all lifestyle categories - fashion, home, beauty, family and more.

Camilla shares tons of juicy tips on all things rewardStyle and From how to use the app itself to how to optimize the rest of your platforms so you can set yourself up for success, this episode is packed full of actionable tips on how to easily increase your income. If you’re not a content creator, this episode gives everyone a really transparent look into one of the ways in which influencers make an income.

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