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The Dream Bigger Podcast

May 10, 2022

On today’s episode, I’m chatting with the co-founder of swimwear brand, Monday Swimwear, Devin Brugman. Monday Swimwear is iconically known for their bikini designs that ‘have it all’. Spending most of their lives living in a bikini, founders Natasha and Devin noticed a gap in the market that made it difficult to find bikinis that checked all the boxes - especially when it came to sizing. Monday Swimwear made it their mission to create high quality and durable designs that did not compromise fit, style, or sizing - and have successfully done so. Devin spills all the tea on how the vision of Monday Swimwear came to life. We also talk on bootstrapping and how she turned $30K into what Monday Swimwear is today, finding a compatible business partner, finding work-life balance, stress management, wellness and fitness tips, and so much more. 

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