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The Dream Bigger Podcast

Jul 29, 2019

Today I'm chatting with Dr. Natalie Mulligan, a naturopathic doctor and Jordana Hart, holistic nutritionist and Founder of iHartNutrition. Both these ladies have been on the show before and are full of wellness and nutrition tips so I wanted to have them on together.

Since naturopathic doctors and holistic nutritionists work synergistically together, we treat today’s episode like a coaching session. We take the two very different eating profiles of 'Rachel' and 'Emily', who could both use some help with their nutrition. We talk about dieting tips, getting in your vitamins and minerals and we discuss how much coffee is healthy (or unhealthy). We also go over healthy meals for when you're on the go and healthy hangover meals. Then we go over dieting tips for someone who is excessively restrictive with eating. We discuss healthy food options for people with disordered eating habits and different cleanses. We talk about addressing anxiety with self-care and supplementation.

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