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The Dream Bigger Podcast

Nov 11, 2019

On today's episode I'm chatting with Karlyn Percil. Karlyn is a neuro life coach. I know many of you are probably not familiar with that job title but we dive right into it in the episode. Essentially, Karlyn helps you grow in both your business and personal life by helping you remove negative narratives and mental blocks. Karlyn is also the founder of the Success Planner, a year long planner which is unlike anything else. It covers everything from goals to affirmation and is really a holistic approach to achieving your goals. She also her advice for making 2020 a successful year. This episode will surely inspire you to become your best self. Karlyn is a child sexual abuse survivor and is an example of someone who chose to not fall into the cycle of victimhood, something that she talks about.

Remember, you can enter to win The Success Planner by sharing your goal for 2020 on The Success Planner’s Instagram page.


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