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The Dream Bigger Podcast

Dec 6, 2022

On today’s episode, I’m chatting with the designer and CEO behind the self-named, fine jewelry brand, Logan Hollowell Jewelry. Logan Hollowell Jewelry brings spirituality and wellness to fine jewelry, with luxury handcrafted pieces delicately made with intention to embody self love and make you feel as your higher self. The Los Angeles-based jewelry brand aims to bring a new meaning to jewelry through its appearance and beyond with ethically-sourced gemstones handcrafted by artisan goldsmiths with the intent to curate heirlooms that last forever. The success of the brand is owed to Logan’s passionate drive and explorative determination to live a life of intention. Logan goes all-in today and shares how spirituality helped her go from living paycheck to paycheck, to using her passions to build a successful brand. We also dive deep into her personal spiritual and wellness journey, from learning self forgiveness, healing inner child, non-negotiable practices that help sustain mind and body connection, and so much more. 


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